RNA and the Epigenetic Regulation of X Chromosome Inactivation

  title={RNA and the Epigenetic Regulation of X Chromosome Inactivation},
  author={Barbara Panning and Rudolf Jaenisch},
(Figure 1). In invertebrates, X-linked numerator and autosomally encoded denominator genes encode proteins which differ in relative abundance in XX versus XY or XO cells. A 2-fold difference in stoichiometry signals the production of master regulatory proteins, XO-lethal in Barbara Panning*‡ and Rudolf Jaenisch*† *Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142 †Department of Biology Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139 C. elegans and… CONTINUE READING


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the formation of heterochromatin on the latereplicating ( 1996 )

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