RNA-RNA and RNA-DNA ligation with the sTobRV(+) hammerhead ribozyme.

  title={RNA-RNA and RNA-DNA ligation with the sTobRV(+) hammerhead ribozyme.},
  author={Yasuhito Tokumoto and Kaoru Saigo},
  journal={Nucleic acids symposium series},
The sTobRV(+) ribozyme consists of a small catalytic domain and two wing sequences(1). By changing its wing sequences, the ribozyme can cleave many different RNAs in a site-specific manner, functioning as an RNA restriction enzyme(1). Although relatively strong ligase activity is known to be associated with sTobRV(+) RNA(2,3), the sTobRV(+) ribozyme itself has been claimed to have no ligase activity. Here, we show the evidence that the sTobRV(+) ribozyme has the ability to rejoin its digestion… CONTINUE READING

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