RNA: prebiotic product, or biotic invention?

  title={RNA: prebiotic product, or biotic invention?},
  author={Carole Anastasi and Fabien F Buchet and Michael A Crowe and Alastair L Parkes and Matthew W Powner and James M Smith and John D Sutherland},
  journal={Chemistry & biodiversity},
  volume={4 4},
Spectacular advances in structural and molecular biology have added support to the 'RNA world' hypothesis, and provide a mandate for chemistry to explain how RNA might have been generated prebiotically on the early earth. Difficulties in achieving a prebiotically plausible synthesis of RNA, however, have led many to ponder the question posed in the title of this paper. Herein, we review recent experimental work on the assembly of potential RNA precursors, focusing on methods for stereoselective… CONTINUE READING

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