RING: A Context Ontology for Communication Channel Rule-based Recommender System


Since a few years there has been an explosion of communication possibilities. The wide number of communication channels available nowadays brings, with no question, enormous benefits for the users, however it brings new challenges as well. The choice of the best communication channel not only depends on the characteristics related to the channel itself (QoS, rates, etc.); the user context (location, personal agenda, etc.) affects the decision as well. The combination of all the factors generates a list of variables impossible to handle by the human being. The information available about channels, together with the information that smart devices are able to extract from the user context, make possible to introduce a computing system to help the user in selecting the most appropriate communication channel. In this paper we present RING, a context-aware ruled-based recommender system for the automatic Redirection of incomING communications based on Semantic Web, that allows users to receive any kind of communication through the best channel available depending on his context and personal preferences.

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