RIMBAMON©: A forest monitoring system using wireless sensor networks


Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have emerged as one of the most promising research areas in recent years and are widely recognized as powerful means for in situ observations of events and environments over long period of time. The wide spectrum of applications WSNs can offer such as environment and habitat monitoring, healthcare applications, home or industrial automation and control, product quality monitoring, disaster areas monitoring and inventory tracking has led us to develop a surveillance system, RIMBAMONcopy, aims at monitoring data in a forestry environment. The TinyOS operating system, TinyOS Simulator (TOSSIM), Java Development Kit, Cygwin (LINUX Emulator for Windows), Network Embedded System C (nesC) programming, MySQL database and NetBeans IDE user interface are used in the system development. The real-time data are captured, monitored and displayed graphically in the system which is used to report the forest conditions.

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