RIM-BP3 is a manchette-associated protein essential for spermiogenesis.


During spermiogenesis, round spermatids are converted into motile sperm in mammals. The mechanisms responsible for sperm morphogenesis are poorly understood. We have characterized a novel protein, RIM-BP3, with a specialized function in spermatid development in mice. The RIM-BP3 protein is associated with the manchette, a transient microtubular structure… (More)
DOI: 10.1242/dev.030858


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@article{Zhou2009RIMBP3IA, title={RIM-BP3 is a manchette-associated protein essential for spermiogenesis.}, author={Jing Zhou and Y Du and Wei-hua Qin and Ye-Guang Hu and Y Huang and Lan Bao and Daishu Han and Ahmed Mansouri and Guo-liang Xu}, journal={Development}, year={2009}, volume={136 3}, pages={373-82} }