author={H B Wong},
  journal={The Lancet},
  • H. B. Wong
  • Published 11 July 1981
  • Medicine
  • The Lancet

Clinical Trial of a Rice-Powder Oral Rehydration Beverage

It is concluded that rice-based gruel could be safely used as an oral rehydration solution at the community level for children admitted to a paediatric hospital with clinical dehydration secondary to acute diarrhoea.

Composition of egyptian home remedies for diarrhea

This study investigated the types of traditional foods given to children ill with diarrhea, and their composition, in order to identify foods which are in traditional use which could be modified for use as an enriched ORT product.

Case Stud A .-Oral Dehydration Therapy for Diarrheal Diseases

Oral dehydration therapy (ORT) has been perfected in recent years to the point where it represents one of the most powerful weapons in the armamentarium against disease in the less developed world.

Effect of Rice Soup Consumption on Weight Gain and Blood Factors in Children with Acute Diarrhea: A Single-Blind Clinical Trial

Rice soup consumption is caused more weight gain in treatment of children with acute diarrhea and the rice soup has no effect on blood factors except urea and creatinine in childrenWith acute diarrhea as well.

History and Rationale of Oral Rehydration and Recent Developments in Formulating an Optimal Solution

Results to date suggest that hypotonic ORS containing 50–60 mmol/L sodium and 90–100 mmol/ L glucose produce maximal water absorption, and the presence of base or base-precursor appears to offer little with regard to the promotion of sodium and water absorption and its role in combating acidosis remains controversial.

The role of bicarbonate and base precursors in treatment of acute gastroenteritis.

There is little evidence to support the inclusion of bicarbonate or a base precursor in ORS, and this issue has received little critical attention since the formal introduction of oral rehydration therapy.

Oral rehydration therapy without bicarbonate for prevention and treatment of dehydration: a double‐blind controlled trial

In hospitalized children with acute gastroenteritis in the United Kingdom an ORS without bicarbonate is a safe, effective means to prevent dehydration and maintain hydration and acid—base status where dehydration is not severe.

Wheat extract and milk mixture as a milk substitute for children with milk intolerance.

It is suggested that a combined wheat extract/milk mixture is beneficial as a milk substitute for children with lactose intolerance.



Problems and pitfalls in acetaldehyde determinations.

  • C. Eriksson
  • Medicine
    Alcoholism, clinical and experimental research
  • 1980
The use of a correction curve is proposed which is generated by adding control blood samples to the deproteinizing agent such that the blood dilution, temperature, and the ethanol concentrations in the controls are identical to those of the samples.

Selection of variables in a prospective study of young men at high risk for alcoholism

The Danish adoption studies on alcoholism have established a considerable genetic factor in the development of alcoholism.