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RHLE: Relational Reasoning for Existential Program Verification.

  title={RHLE: Relational Reasoning for Existential Program Verification.},
  author={R. Dickerson and Q. Ye and B. Delaware},
  journal={arXiv: Programming Languages},
  • R. Dickerson, Q. Ye, B. Delaware
  • Published 2020
  • Computer Science
  • arXiv: Programming Languages
  • Reasoning about nondeterministic programs requires a specification of how their nondeterministic choices are allowed to be resolved. When reasoning about safety properties, it is sound to overapproximate the permitted behaviors. Once its safety is established, a program remains safe for every valid implementation of its nondeterministic choices. Overapproximate specifications are less useful when establishing that a nondeterministic program exhibits some desirable behavior, however, as… CONTINUE READING


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