RH blood group system and molecular basis of Rh-deficiency.

  title={RH blood group system and molecular basis of Rh-deficiency.},
  author={J. P. Cartron},
  journal={Bailliere's best practice & research. Clinical haematology},
  volume={12 4},
  • J. P. Cartron
  • Published 1999 in
    Bailliere's best practice & research. Clinical…
Rhesus (Rh) antigens are defined by a complex association of membrane polypeptides that are missing or severely deficient from the red cells of rare Rhnull individuals who suffer a clinical syndrome of varying severity characterized by abnormalities of the red cell shape, cation transport and membrane phospholipid organization. The Rhnull phenotype is an inherited condition that may arise from homozygosity either for a 'suppressor' gene unrelated to the RH locus ('regulator type') or for a… CONTINUE READING
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