RGD-tethered Silk Substrate Stimulates the Differentiation of Human Tendon Cells

  title={RGD-tethered Silk Substrate Stimulates the Differentiation of Human Tendon Cells},
  author={T. Kardestuncer and M. Mccarthy and V. Karageorgiou and D. Kaplan and G. Gronowicz},
  journal={Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research},
Tendon reconstruction surgery often requires healing of the tendon to bone. The development of a more rapid and strong interaction at the tendon to bone interface would be invaluable to patients having orthopaedic surgery. Therefore, our rationale was to modify sutures so that they would be anabolic for tendon to bone healing. It has been shown that silk stimulates bone formation in osteoblast cultures. In the current study, we tested the ability of silk and silk-RGD (arginine-glycine-aspartic… Expand
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