RFID and the end of cash?

  title={RFID and the end of cash?},
  author={Ian O. Angell and Jan H. Kietzmann},
  journal={Commun. ACM},
RFID-embedded money is likely to mean the end of anonymous transactions and with it one of the last bastions of personal anonymity. 
Radio Frequency Identification Technology & the Risk Society: A Preliminary Review & Critique for Justice Studies
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology promises to revolutionize the way in which citizens interact with society, guaranteeing heightened security and increased protection speculatively
Combining Location Tracking and RFID Tagging toward an Improved Research Infrastructure
To fully leverage the flexibility afforded by mobility, developers must design their applications with the knowledge that users will not be seated at a desk to use their computers, instead they will be on the move, often in unfamiliar locations with artifacts they have not previously encountered.
The Tags Are Alright: Robust Large-Scale RFID Clone Detection Through Federated Data-Augmented Radio Fingerprinting
This paper proposes a novel training framework based on federated machine learning (FML) and data augmentation (DAG) to boost the accuracy of radio fingerprinting (RFP) of RFID tags with dynamic channel conditions and reveals that training and testing on different channel conditions drastically degrades the classifier's accuracy.
Application of RFID Technology in Banking Sector
Radio frequency identification’s ability to perform as an auto-identification technology was first utilized by the Royal Air Force in World War II to differentiate between friendly and enemy aircraft.
RFID as a Disruptive Innovation
It is argued that RFID technology has a potential to become a disruptive technology with a profound impact on business and society and two frameworks can help researchers and practitioners to adopt a more forward-looking perspective in relation to RFID.
Supply chain management has two streams of strategies, namely lean and agile. However, current RFID applications tend to overlook supply chain strategies and are designed for obvious RFID
For Those About to Tag
The recent evolution of mobile auto-identification technologies invites firms to connect to mobile work in altogether new ways. By strategically embedding “smart” devices, organizations involve
Charting User Expectations on Mobile Shopping-Role-playing Study on Mobile Interaction with RFID Technology
This paper conducts a user study employing in-depth interviews and role-p laying technique in an imaginary shopping situation, where the user was introduced different use cases with a mobi le phone employing RFID reader.
User Acceptance of Pervasive Information Systems: Evaluating an RFID Ticketing System
The results from a multiple regression analysis suggest that the salient beliefs of the technology acceptance model, namely perceived usefulness and ease of use are still strong predictors of user behaviour towards actual Pervasive IS use, and the remaining factors such as perceived risk and attractiveness of alternatives do not seem to hold significant power in predicting user behaviour within pervasive environments.


The Road to Serfdom
  • G. Catlin
  • History, Political Science
  • 1944
THERE are some who regard this War as liable to become economically a war against the middle class, as indeed the War of 1914ndash;18 was as touching the middle classes in Germany. Even were this the
Politics as a Vocation
THIS lecture, which I give at your request, will necessarily disappoint you in a number of ways. You will naturally expect me to take a position on actual problems of the day. But that will be the
[The road].
Japan yens for RFID chips
  • The Register (July
  • 2003
RFID Industry Tries to Debunk ‘Exploding $20 Bill’ Myth. Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility, Inc., Warrendale, PA, Mar
  • 2004
Supermarket cards: The tip of the retail surveillance iceberg
  • Denver University Law Review 79,
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How Currency Gets into Circulation
  • How Currency Gets into Circulation
  • 2004
Japan yens for RFID chips,
  • The Register,
  • 2003
Japan yens for RFID chips The Register
  • Japan yens for RFID chips The Register
  • 2003