RFID and Finger Print Based Dual Security System: A Robust Secured Control to Access Through Door Lock Operation

  title={RFID and Finger Print Based Dual Security System: A Robust Secured Control to Access Through Door Lock Operation},
  author={Md. Mostafizur Rahman Komol and Amit Kumer Podder and Nesar Ali and Sh. Ansary},
This paper focuses on research works of control engineering field and aims at impenetrable security system especially in case of medication, jewelry, documents & others valuable items and mandatorily in the higher intelligence agency. Here, a developed security system with automatic sensing is introduced by the use of both Radio frequency identification (RFID) card tagging system and fingerprint sensing biometric security system to maintain the valid access of a person to a secured place. RFID… 

Real time model of a lock gate system upon fingerprint with microcontroller

The design and implementation with real time model of a practical lock gate system for the achievement of high security by using fingerprint purification to control the mechanism of opening doors in banks, warehouses, laboratories and places of interest is discussed.

Development of a Quadruple Security System Combining Keypad, RFID, Fingerprint, and Bluetooth modules

A powerful quadruple security system was designed and realized by combining Keypad, RFID, Fingerprint, and Bluetooth (HC06) modules to thoroughly secure the security of medicines, jewelry, documents, and other valuables and doors.

An Uncertainty-based Approach to Improve Accuracy of Biometric Metrics

Experimental results show an increase in sensitivity and accuracy of the biometric recognition metric so proving the relevance of the proposed approach and the type A uncertainty evaluation offers an interesting solution to assess the measurement precision of theBiometric system recognition.

Automatic Product 3D Parameters and Volume Detection and Slide Force Separation with Feedback Control System

This research paper aims at developing industrial automation features for less time consuming and precise product management by modeling an automatic conveyor system for product passing and handling and found satisfactory for real-time operation.

Remote Sensing Global Ranged Door Lock Security System via Mobile Communication

In this paper, a door locking system with some remarkable features is proposed which makes the locking or unlocking of a door more reliable to the user than the conventional system. Robust security



Design and implementation of a fingerprint based lock system for shared access

A design and prototype of a biometric fingerprint based door lock system has been presented and an Arduino UNO device based flexible working device that provides physical security using the fingerprint sensor technology is presented.

RFID Based Security and Access Control System

The system combines RFID technology and biometrics to accomplish the required task and turns on the alarm and makes an emergency call to the security van through GSM modem.

Finger Print Based Automotive Security Lock System

The vehicle anti-theft system presented in this paper consists of double layers of protection with one complementing the other, rather than the conventional anti-theft system where only one

RFID-Based Security Authentication System Based on a Novel Face-Recognition Structure

Comparisons between the system based on the proposed novel authentication structure and the systembased on database reveals that the response time is greatly shortened with a similar authentication accuracy.

Access control by RFID and face recognition based on neural network

An access control system combining RFID technology and face recognition based on neural network is presented, which has a good performance and could improve the security of RFID access control.

Design and Implementation of Automated Door Accessing System with Face Recognition

Face recognition using PCA can be more useful for door security system than other face recognition schemes, and computational efficiency cannot be decreased significantly.

Authentication Test-Based the RFID Authentication Protocol with Security Analysis

To the problem of many recently proposed RFID authentication protocol was soon find security holes, we analyzed the main reason, which is that protocol design is not rigorous, and the correctness of

RFID security and privacy: a research survey

  • A. Juels
  • Business
    IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications
  • 2006
This survey examines approaches proposed by scientists for privacy protection and integrity assurance in RFID systems, and treats the social and technical context of their work.

The Study on Using Passive RFID Tags for Indoor Positioning

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is the technology that put an RFID tag on objects or people, so that they can be identified, tracked, and managed automatically. With its wide application in the

Fingerprint based locking system

The fingerprint based lock provides a wonderful solution to conventionally encountered inconveniences since it can only be opened when an authorized user is present, since there are no keys or combinations to be copied or stolen, or locks that can be picked.