RFID-GSM Autonomous Car Washing System


Automation of the process is having its own significance with the advancement of science and technology. Human interpretation may influence to produce faulty results. Now–a-days the cost of time is also influencing on the schedule of the human being. This paper focused to develop a methodology implemented as prototype working model. Conveyor belt mechanism is introduced to transfer the car from entry point to the work station. IR sensor technology is used to sense the entry level detection of the car to be washed and at the workstation to initiate the washing process. A circular disc mounted to the shaft of the Johnson geared motor used as base to hold the car for washing. The washing process is enabled by using sprinkler and dryer mechanism. A dust particle detection sensor used to trace the dirty surface on any location of the car. The Zero signal from the sensor causes to open the exit level of the car. An RFID-GSM technology is incorporated to dispatch the car for delivery and the washing status completion is informed to the car owner using GSM technology. The results obtained with the proposed methodology enabled to meet the challenges in car washing system.

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