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RFID Based Automated Toll Plaza System

  title={RFID Based Automated Toll Plaza System},
  author={Aung Aung La Win and Chaw MyatNwe and KyawZinLatt},
This research paper describes the automated toll collection system for toll gate based on RFID technology. Most of the toll collection systems commonly used in Myanmar is manual transaction. Nowadays, streams of traffic are increased and toll gate on highways are congested. It will cause the traffic jam and waste time. The objective of this journal paper is to transform manual transaction to automated toll collection with the help of RFID technology. There are three portions in toll collection… 
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Survey Paper on National Toll Plaza Collection Center

Online toll collection system used for collecting tax automatically. The online toll collection system using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag emerges as a convincing solution to the manual

Optimal Integrated Operation Strategy for Highway Toll System with Android Technology

The use of Automated Tollbooth Collection (ATC) system in many big cities would be an efficient and effective way towards the over crowding of the city highways in heavy congestions of traffic.

Electronic Toll Collection System using RFID

This paper mainly focused on how the electronic toll collection system reduces manual work load using RFID technology. Ultimately, this system reduces environment pollution due to the burning of fuel


This project has made the automation of toll plaza using combination of arduino and, RFID, which reduces traffic congestion as well as minimizing the fuel consumption and makes user comfortable.

An Automated Toll Plaza System Using RFID and GSM Module: Perspective of Bangladesh

It has been shown that the proposed Automated Toll Plaza System (called as ATPS) works significantly well and showed a very promising prospect to solve the conventional manual toll plaza system in the highways of Bangladesh.

Automatic Toll Plaza using RFID

The implantation of automation in toll p laza is explained which is a step towards improving the monitoring of vehicles, traveling in predetermine routes and translates to reduced Traffic congestion at toll plazas and helps in lower fuel consumption.

Automatic Check Post and E-Toll Payment System

This paper has to do with Automatic Check Post, E-Toll Payment System, vehicle theft detection, and intimation to the nearby police station using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Global System for Mobile Communication Module (GSM).


RFID based toll plaza system is the solution to the manual toll collection method. This method gets information about the vehicle passing through the toll gate and deducts toll tax from the owner’s

Electronic Toll Collection and Record Management System

With the implementation of the proposed system, the risk of traffic jam can be reduced, and smooth flow of traffic can be possible, and the theft can be curbed to some extent.

Automated Toll Booth using Optical Character Recognition and RFID System

  • Saurabh Ravindra Kulkarn
  • Computer Science
    International Journal of Advanced Trends in Computer Science and Engineering
  • 2019
An Automated Toll Booth can be implemented which increases the efficiency of the process to save the time and bottle neck scenario at the toll booth.




An Automated Toll System is used for toll collection without making traffic congestion and waiting in long queue with help of RFID technique. Also, by using this system, it will save time, i.e. by

RFID Based Automatic Tollgate System (RATS)

A system which does the job of detecting, billing and accounting for vehicles as they pass through a tollgate using RFID as the identification technology is described.

RFID Based Toll Deduction System

RFID based toll deduction system and how to make more efficient and perfect is examined and can be considered scalable to implement in motor vehicles used today.

An Efficient and Flexible Way to Protect Privacy in RFID Environment with Licenses

A new technical and legal approach for responding to concerns about the privacy of personal data in RFID systems is proposed by extending the framework of online personal data licensing (OPDL) and applying the framework to RFID environment.

Introducing a Micro-wireless Architecture for Business Activity Sensing

  • R. Bridgelall
  • Business
    2008 IEEE International Conference on RFID
  • 2008
RFID performance deficiencies discovered in recent high profile applications have highlighted the danger of selecting only passive tags for an application because of their lowest cost relative to

Protecting User Data in Ubiquitous Computing: Towards Trustworthy Environments

A prototype system in the smart room equipped with several cameras is implemented, a scheme embeds access rights of legitimate users within the data, and ongoing work towards a trustworthy ubicomp environment whose discretion is realistically checkable is described.

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