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RF and Microwave Circuit Design for Wireless Communications

  title={RF and Microwave Circuit Design for Wireless Communications},
  author={Lawrence E. Larson},
  • L. Larson
  • Published 31 January 1996
  • Computer Science
From the Publisher: RF and Microwave Circuit Design for Wireless Communications addresses the complicated modulation schemes and higher frequencies required of today's wireless communications circuits. Covering cutting-edge developments in mixer circuits, frequency synthesizers, amplifier design, noise, and the future of wireless communication, it helps you design applications for digital cellular telephony, wireless LANs, PCS, GaAs and high-speed silicon bipolar IC technology, and low-power… 
Building blocks for digital wireless communications in sub-micron technologies: an overview
  • J. L. Finol, J. Durec, D. Lovelace
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings of the 1998 Second IEEE International Caracas Conference on Devices, Circuits and Systems. ICCDCS 98. On the 70th Anniversary of the MOSFET and 50th of the BJT. (Cat. No.98TH8350)
  • 1998
The technical challenges to achieve higher levels of RF monolithic integration at a low cost and with low power dissipation in battery-powered portable transceivers are presented.
Sub-micron silicon RF IC technologies: "an overview"
This paper deals with the issues involved in employing silicon IC technologies to low cost, low power, RF circuits.
A design and implementation of base station transceiver for wideband PCS system using CDMA technology
  • Youngjun Chong
  • Business, Computer Science
    Proceedings of ICICS, 1997 International Conference on Information, Communications and Signal Processing. Theme: Trends in Information Systems Engineering and Wireless Multimedia Communications (Cat.
  • 1997
The implementation of a BTS (base station transceiver) for a wideband PCS (personal communication services) system using DS-CDMA (direct sequence-code division multiple access) technology is
RF CMOS power mixer design for short range wireless applications with focus on polar modulation
Schematic and layout simulations prove the final functionality of the power mixer designed, that reduces the total current consumption in comparison with the modulator that is used today in Infineon.
RFIC chipset for high performance, cellular radio test equipment.
The design and realisation of two complex L-Band RFIC's in Ga As technology is presented and the design techniques that should be adopted when RF signals with different power levels and/or at different frequencies must meet on the same chip without mutual interference are focused on.
Ultra-wideband CPW six-port circuits based on multilayer technology
A new multilayer six-port circuit using an ultra-wideband directional coupler is presented and implemented. The use of multilayer technology allows having a compact circuit and very large bandwidth.
Design of a six-port junction based on single layer technology for UWB applications
A novel ultra-wideband six-port junction based on microstrip single-layer technique using a single layer elliptic coupler which offer a wide bandwidth compared to the hybrid one.
"RF-SoC": Technology Enablers and Current Design Trends for Highly Integrated Wireless RF IC Transceivers
Recent design trends on highly integrated wireless RFIC transceivers are reviewed, with emphasis on the RF-SoC performance trade-offs impacted by the chip-level architectural selection and the device-level technology choice.
A 60 GHz MMIC chipset for 1-Gbit/s wireless links
This paper describes the development of a MMIC chipset for 60 GHz; radio links and radars. The chipset includes a low noise amplifier, an image rejection mixer, a frequency quadrupler, and a power