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  author={Nilesh Kumar Jain},
  journal={Journal of Global Research in Computer Sciences},
  • N. Jain
  • Published 2014
  • Psychology
  • Journal of Global Research in Computer Sciences
In this article we have compare different responsive CSS frameworks and found that Bootstrap having more flexibility and more stability. Bootstrap framework is actively maintained by the community. 

Responsive web design commitment by the web developers in Palestine

Responsive web design is an approach for browsing a particular web page perfectly on different devices without resizing, panning, and scrolling the page, it is emerged in 2013 with the use of

Analyzing bootsrap and foundation font-end frameworks : a comparative study

This paper focuses on an effective analysis of two of today's most popular front-end frameworks, Boostrap and Foundation, and shows that the analysis can be beneficial for developers to select the appropriate front end framework to customize their web applications.

Simple Additive Weighting untuk Front-end Framework Terbaik

Simple Additive Weighting is used to analyze and decide which the best alternative with calculations that take five main criteria in this research that is Preprocessor, Responsive, Browser Support, Easy to Use, and Template is chosen.

Semantic Web-based System for Light Scattering Using the Generalized Lorenz-Mie Theory

This work presents a novel computational Progressive Web App which simulates light scattering problems in the framework of the Generalized Lorenz-Mie Theory and introduces a successful interactive user-interface with validated numerical results to be adopted in a variety of fields including optical communications and bio-engineering.

A Social Networking-based Advertising to Enhance Customer Reach Target

Tagme provides a form of solution for marketers to promote their business efficiently as it provide web analytics and users preferences functions that will allows marketers to promotes their business to specific and focused customers.

Web Site Mobilization Techniques

The introduction of the first Apple iPhone in January 2007 started a historic shift in web browsing from desktop and laptop computers to smartphones and other mobile digital devices, becoming increasingly important that web sites provide a good user experience on mobile devices.

Bootstrap as a Tool for Web Development and Graphic Optimization on Mobile Devices

This article tries to orient the evaluation of the Bootstrap tool for the re-engineering of the web system “EducArte Comunidad” interacting with the following design languages: HTML5, CSS, and JQuery.

GOAT: Genetic Output Analysis Tool: An open source GWAS and genomic region visualization tool

This paper outlines some of the GOAT's leading features and characteristics and compares them to existing open source GWAS visualization tools such as Locus Zoom and the Integrative Genomics Viewer and presents future development plans for GOAT.

Panda: Uma Nova Ferramenta Web Responsiva Para Auxiliar no Ensino e Comunicação de Pessoas com Limitações Psicomotoras

This work presents a novel Software as a Service (SaaS) to create books to support a system based on Picture Exchange Communication (PEC) for people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) with psychomotricity limitations and partial or total limitation in verbal communication.

Aplicación del Responsive Web Design en la creación e implementación del sitio Web del Centro de Histoterapia Placentaria

La diversidad de dispositivos conectados a Internet ha conllevado en la actualidad a un cambio en la concepcion del diseno Web. La navegacion, utilizando dispositivos de diferentes resoluciones y