author={Steve Garlick},
  journal={Cultural Studies},
  pages={289 - 305}
  • S. Garlick
  • Published 1 March 2002
  • Sociology
  • Cultural Studies
Contemporary cultural criticism is increasingly recognizing the central place that tourism occupies in organizing interactions, both economic and social, between different peoples in the world today. In this paper, I take up the question of what role photography plays in determining the nature of touristic experience.By drawing on Martin Heidegger's account of modernity as the epoch of modern technology, I seek to articulate an understanding of touristic photography that goes beyond… 
Towards an understanding of Chinese tourist photography: evidence from the UK
ABSTRACT The relationship between tourism and photography has long been subject to academic scrutiny. However, the extent research has adopted a primarily Western perspective, exploring the
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The relationship between tourism and photography has long been subject to academic scrutiny. However, the extent research has adopted a primarily Western perspective, exploring the photographic
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Abstract The Polytechnic Touring Association (PTA) was a London-based, originally philanthropic turned commercial travel firm whose historical origins coincided with the arrival of the Kodak camera
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Purpose: Visual representations, as the mechanism of tourism discourses, are vital to the constructed realities of tourism. This paper aims to contribute to ongoing research on tourist postcards and


Dimensions of photography in a nature-based tour
Abstract This paper reports on an empirical study which explored the spatial, temporal, and social dimensions of photography in a nature-based tour experience. Data sources which were used to
Travel as Performed Art
  • J. Adler
  • Sociology
    American Journal of Sociology
  • 1989
Although travel has been performed, appreciated, and formally criticized as an art for at least five centuries, this cultural classification has yet to be taken seriously in the nascent field of
Tourism and the Semiotics of Nostalgia
In 1689 a Japanese poet travels to the deep north. Describing a tour of the island, he is nevertheless no tourist. His journey is in part a religious pilgrimage, in part the commemoration of
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Long considered 'the noblest of the senses', vision has increasingly come under critical scrutiny by a wide range of thinkers who question its dominance in Western culture. These critics of vision,
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The importance of friendship in the later work of Michel Foucault is increasingly being recognized, but the relationship between friendship and Foucault's concept of `life as a work of art' is not
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One of the most important works of cultural theory ever written, Walter Benjamin's groundbreaking essay explores how the age of mass media means audiences can listen to or see a work of art
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Preface. Introduction. Part I: . 1. The Cult of Unity and Cultivated Differences (Pierre Bourdieu). 2. The Social Definition of Photography (Pierre Bourdieu). Part II: . 3. Aesthetic Ambitions and
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The Tourist Gaze Mass Tourism and the Rise and Fall of the Seaside Resort The Changing Economics of the Tourist Industry Working under the Tourist Gaze Cultural Changes and the Restructuring of
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"To read Heidegger is to set out on an adventure. The essays in this volume--intriguing, challenging, and often baffling to the reader--call him And the philippines and stored up in these chains of
The Age of the World Picture
In metaphysics reflection is accomplished concerning the essence of what is and a decision takes place regarding the essence of truth.1 Metaphysics grounds an age, in that through a specific