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RETRIEVAL FOR IMAGE AND VIDEO DATABASES IV 1 Tools and Techniques for Color Image Retrieval

  title={RETRIEVAL FOR IMAGE AND VIDEO DATABASES IV 1 Tools and Techniques for Color Image Retrieval},
  author={John R. Smith and Shih-Fu Chang},
The growth of digital image and video archives is increasing the need for tools that e ectively lter and e ciently search through large amounts of visual data. Towards this goal we propose a technique by which the color content of images and videos is automatically extracted to form a class of meta-data that is easily indexed. The color indexing algorithm uses the back-projection of binary color sets to extract color regions from images. This technique provides for both the automated extraction… 
Entropy and color correlation for image indexing
A new indexing system is presented, which divides an image into higher and lower entropy regions, and calculates the color correlation features between each type of region, and can improve the discrimination power of color indexing techniques.
eID: a system for exploration of image databases
The goal of this paper is to describe an exploration system for large image databases in order to help the user understand the database as a whole, discover hidden relationships, and formulate
Content-Based Analysis of Digital Video
System developers, researchers and students working in the area of content-based analysis and retrieval of video and multimedia in general will find this book invaluable.
Perceptual texture similarity estimation
The results indicate that long-range interactions do provide humans with important cues for the perception of texture similarity, and a new set of contour-based features are developed that can encode such data.


Single color extraction and image query
This approach identifies the regions within images that contain colors from predetermined color sets by searching over a large number of color sets, which allows very fast indexing of the image collection by the color contents of the images.
An integrated color-spatial approach to content-based image retrieval
A technique of integrating color information with spatial knowledge to obtain an overall impression of the image is discussed, which shows substantial improvement over the histogram-based color retrieval methods.
Content-based retrieval of segmented images
Three extensions are applied to the basic colour-pair technique: the development of a similarity-based ranking formula for colour-pairs matching; the use of segmented objects for object-level retrieval; and the inclusion of perceptually similar colours for fuzzy retrieval.
P-1 Extracting Multi-Dimensional Signal Features for Content-Based Visual Query
Future large visual information systems (such as image databases and video servers) require effective and efficient methods for indexing, accessing, and manipulating images based on visual content.
Compressed-domain techniques for image/video indexing and manipulation
  • Shih-Fu Chang
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings., International Conference on Image Processing
  • 1995
The results and the future directions of the work on compressed-domain texture feature extraction, image matching, image manipulation, and video indexing are described.
Finding Waldo, or focus of attention using local color information
  • F. Ennesser, G. Medioni
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    Proceedings of IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
  • 1993
A new method is presented, which exploits more information than the previous backprojection algorithm of Swain and Ballard at a competitive complexity, based on matching local histograms with the model, instead of directly replacing pixels with a confidence that they belong to the object.
The Image Processing Handbook
  • J. Russ
  • Mathematics, Psychology
  • 1992
The Image Processing Handbook, Seventh Edition delivers an accessible and up-to-date treatment of image processing, offering broad coverage and comparison of algorithms, approaches, and outcomes.
Efficient Color Histogram Indexing for Quadratic Form Distance Functions
An improved shipping container having novel locking features in the end panel and corner flaps and improved bulge resistance at the end panels from sideward bulge of the product.
Extracting multi-dimensional signal features for content-based visual query. I n SPIE Symposium on Visual Communications and Image Processing
  • Extracting multi-dimensional signal features for content-based visual query. I n SPIE Symposium on Visual Communications and Image Processing
  • 1995
The Image Processing Handbook. C R C Press
  • The Image Processing Handbook. C R C Press
  • 1995