RETRACTED: Periods 6 and 7 (including lanthanides and actinides)

  title={RETRACTED: Periods 6 and 7 (including lanthanides and actinides)},
  author={J. Theo Kloprogge and Concepcion P. Ponce and Tom A. Loomis},


Release of Xenon-137 and Iodine-137 from UO2 Pellet by Pulse Neutron Irradiation at NSRR
A radiochemical procedure was established to estimate the amount of volatile fission products nuclides released from UO2 pellet by the pulse neutron irradiation at the NSRR. The 137Cs amounts in the
  • Science
  • 1943
Synthesis and Optical Properties of Li3Ba2La3(MoO4)8:Sm3+ Powders for pcLEDs
A series of Sm3+-activated molybdates Li3Ba2(La1−xSmx)3(MoO4)8 with 0<̲x<̲1 (0% to 100% Sm3+) have been prepared by the conventional solid-state synthesis method, and their optical properties were
Solid-State 199Hg MAS NMR Studies of Mercury(II) Thiocyanate Complexes and Related Compounds. Crystal Structure of Hg(SeCN)2
The solid-state 199Hg MAS NMR spectra of [Hg(SCN)2], [Hg(SeCN)2], M[Hg(SCN)3], M2[Hg(SCN)4] (M = K, Cs), and K2[Hg3(NCO)8] have been measured, and the (monoclinic) crystal structure of [Hg(SeCN)2]
Vitruvius, Lead Pipes and Lead Poisoning
  • A. Hodge
  • Environmental Science
    American Journal of Archaeology
  • 1981
(Gumelnita type site; Gumelnita A2 culture), GrN 3025 at 4580 B.C. (Gumelnita type site; Gumelnita A2 culture).21 The uncalibrated dates, in the same order, are: 3570 -70, 3612 -+ 9o and 3936 70