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I. Account of a Mineral from Strontian, and of a peculiar Species of Earth which it contains

  • T. Hope
  • Geology
    Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh
  • 1798
The mineral, of which I have the honour to lay an account before the Society, was brought to Edinburgh in considerable quantity about six years ago by a dealer in fossils, though indeed it had found

III. An analysis of a mineral substance from North America, containing a metal bitberto unknown

  • C. Hatchett
  • History
    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London
  • 1802
In the course of the last summer, when I was examining and arranging some minerals in the British Museum, I observed a small specimen of a dark-coloured heavy substance, which attracted my attention,

Notes on Egypto-Semitic Etymology. II

  • W. F. Albright
  • Linguistics
    The American Journal of Semitic Languages and Literatures
  • 1918

Myth and Reality of China's Seventeenth-Century Monetary Crisis

  • R. Glahn
  • Economics, History
    The Journal of Economic History
  • 1996
The impact of China's demand for silver on global trade in specie and monetary metals during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries remains poorly understood. Conventional wisdom postulates that