RESTful Web Services – A Question of Standards

  title={RESTful Web Services – A Question of Standards},
  author={Alexru Archip and Cristian-Mihai Amarandei and Paul-Corneliu Herghelegiu and C{\^a}t{\^a}lin Mironeanu and Elena Claudia Şerban},
  journal={2018 22nd International Conference on System Theory, Control and Computing (ICSTCC)},
Roy Thomas Fielding defined the term REST as an architectural style for distributed hypermedia based systems in the year 2000. Since this initial definition, the term itself became a buzzword used in almost any web-related development. From simple, basic web applications, to highly complex web service/microservice-based solutions, almost everyone and everything talks REST and RESTful. Moreover, the Web context implies that these developments are usually realised over HTTP. In this paper, we… CONTINUE READING

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