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RESQ Banjir: a Mobile Apps for Emergency Rescue, Evacuation and Relief Center Management

  title={RESQ Banjir: a Mobile Apps for Emergency Rescue, Evacuation and Relief Center Management},
  author={Muhammad Rafie Mohd. Arshad and Hasimah Hj Mohamed and Mohd Heikal Husin and Fadratul Hafinaz Hassan and Wan Mohd Nazmee Wan Zainon and Abdul Rahim Ahmad and Maziani Sabudin},
A quick response to urgent relief needs after a natural disaster is vital to the alleviation of a disaster’s impact in the affected areas. Flood victims had difficulties in sending emergency relief requests as they had limited phone battery life to highlight their current location. Such limitation led to the difficulty in locating the victims, which affected the effectiveness of coordinating a rescue and evacuation operation. In this research, we develop ResQ Banjir application which consists… Expand

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