author={Christina Ho},
  journal={Australian Feminist Studies},
  pages={433 - 439}
  • Christina Ho
  • Published 25 November 2010
  • Political Science
  • Australian Feminist Studies
Among many other legacies, the September 11 terrorist attacks will be remembered by some for catapulting women’s rights to the centre stage of global politics. As the US launched the War on Terror in Afghanistan and then Iraq, the liberation of women from barbaric regimes became a powerful rationale for intervention. Meanwhile, in post-9/11 Australia, protecting ‘Aussie’ women from sexual assault, and Muslim women from ‘oppression’ have become battlecries against the ‘barbarism’ of Arab and… 
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A Journey Towards Embracing Ethnicity and Otherness in Does My Head Look Big in This? by Randa Abdul-Fattah

  • Nayera Mohammed Hassan
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    مجلة وادی النیل للدراسات والبحوث الإنسانیة والاجتماعیة والتربویه
  • 2022
In Does My Head Look Big in This? Randa Abdul-Fattah explores the world of young people and to where their mentality turns. Of the many ideas handled in the novel, my paper underlines the attitude of

Demystifying the Muslimah : changing subjectivities, civic engagement and public participation of Muslim woman in contemporary South Africa.

Master of Social Sciences in Historical studies. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Howard College 2015.

The Transnational Governance of Human Trafficking in Japan

Over the last two decades, governments and civil society groups have increasingly sought to govern human trafficking around the world, including by passing a major international Trafficking Protocol.

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This article draws attention to the ways in which A nita Amirrezvani’s The Blood of Flowers (2007), a historical novel set in 17 th -century Iran, can be placed within the neo-orienta list discourse

Orientalismo e a questão dos movimentos das mulheres do Iraque: desafios e reflexões

Este artigo analisa as limitações e desafios que o discurso orientalista promovido pelo Ocidente apresenta à interpretação das mulheres do Iraque e seus movimentos, e como ele ofusca sua participação



Feminisms in the Aftermath of September 11

This essay is about how women’s rights as a complicated discourse, and the burkha as a complex symbolic, are the sites from which to understand the complexity of global power struggles at this

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In the era of the ‘clash of civilisations’, culture has taken centre stage in both global and local politics. For the neo-cons, a supposed cultural clash is at the heart of the ‘War on Terror’, being

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As the question of Muslim women’s dress codes comes under intense media and political scrutiny, two competing discourses have emerged. The first of these discourses centres around the veil (in

Counter-terrorism and (in)security: fallout from the Bali bombing

In the wake of the Bali bombing the Australian government has proposed a number of national security measures that pose a real danger to human security in Australia and the region. These measures

“W” Stands for Women: Feminism and Security Rhetoric in the Post-9/11 Bush Administration

  • M. Ferguson
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Feminist criticisms of the Bush Administration distinguish its feminized security rhetoric, which claims to support women's rights in Iraq and Afghanistan, from its actions at home and abroad, which

Gendering World Politics: Issues and Approaches in the Post-Cold War Era

1. Gendering World Politics2. Troubled Encounters: Feminism Meets IR3. War, Peace, and Security4. Gendering the Global Economy5. Democratization, the State and the Global Order: Gendered

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You Just Don't Understand: Troubled Engagements Between Feminists and IR Theorists

This article reconstructs some conversational encounters between feminists and IR theorists and offers some hypotheses as to why misunderstandings so frequently result from these encounters. It

Gender, International Relations, and the Development of Feminist Security Theory

Dans cet article, l'A se penche sur les visions feministes de la notion de securite. Ecartes des grands enjeux internationaux, les feministes ont su developper un ensemble de notions divergeantes des