REM sleep deprivation increases preference for novelty in rats.

  title={REM sleep deprivation increases preference for novelty in rats.},
  author={J D Moore and Cassandra E Hayes and Robert A Hicks},
  journal={Physiology & behavior},
  volume={23 5},
As a further test of the hypothesis that REM deprivation decreases fear, the behavior of 40 male rats was measured in a Y-maze adapted to test for preference for novelty. Prior to this test, the animals were exposed for 4 days to one of four treatments, i.e., either a dry environment control, a wet environment control, a 2-day REM deprivation period or a 4-day REM deprivation period. During the test both number of grid crossing in the novel and non-novel arms of the Y-maze and three indices of… CONTINUE READING

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