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RELICS: Small Lensed $z\geq5.5$ Galaxies Selected as Potential Lyman Continuum Leakers

  title={RELICS: Small Lensed \$z\geq5.5\$ Galaxies Selected as Potential Lyman Continuum Leakers},
  author={Chloe Neufeld and Victoria Strait and Maruvsa Bradavc and Brian C. Lemaux and Dan Coe and Lilan Yang and Tommaso Treu and Adi Zitrin and Mario Nonino and Larry D. Bradley and Keren Sharon},
We present size measurements of 78 high-redshift (z ≥ 5.5) galaxy candidates from the Reionisation Lensing Cluster Survey (RELICS). These distant galaxies are well-resolved due to the gravitational lensing power of foreground galaxy clusters, imaged by the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) and the Spitzer Space Telescope. We compute sizes using the forward-modeling code Lenstruction and account for magnification using public lens models. The resulting size-magnitude measurements confirm the… 

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lenstronomy: Multi-purpose gravitational lens modelling software package
Lenstronomy: Multi-purpose gravitational lens
  • 2015
Infrared, and Millimeter
  • ApJ, 909,
  • 2021