author={Henri Lefebvre and Michael Enders},
The Incredible Shrinking World? Technology and the Production of Space
This paper is about the role of technology in the transformation of space, and the ways in which these changes are represented. These processes are explored principally through critical analysis of
Saving the White Building: storytelling and the production of space
The White Building is an apartment complex in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It was built in 1963 as a keystone of the Sihanouk governments' urban social housing scheme. After the fall of Khmer Rouge in 1979,
The Korean Thermidor: On political space and conservative reactions
In Metapolitics, French philosopher Alain Badiou uses the concept of a Thermidorean to denote a political subjectivity constituted through the termination of a political sequence. For Badiou, the
“The Devastating Conquest of the Lived by the Conceived”
This article presents a reinterpretation of abstract space, the key concept of Henri Lefebvre’s magnum opus, The Production of Space. I argue that the full significance of the concept is only
The texture of Utopia
To a large extent the history of Utopia has been intimately bound up with the city. Representations of Utopian futures have often been rendered as visions of ideal urban living. Moreover, a
Unplug and Play: Manufacturing Collapse in Gaza
This article examines how colonial violence has been recast in light of Israel's disengagement from Gaza during the summer 2005. By looking at infrastructural networks —the systems that distribute
Talmudic Territory? Space, Law and Modernist Discourse
This paper explores the conflict engendered by attempts to install an eruv a Talmudic, symbolic perimeter in the borough of Barnet, suburban, north-west London. On the Sabbath, Jewish law forbids a
A Review of “Henri Lefebvre on Space: Architecture, Urban Research and the Production of Theory”
symmetry. As a result, when these essays are good, they are very good indeed. Lave’s analysis of scientific controversy convincingly uses the categorical character of specific forms of consultant
Performance as contestation: An agonistic perspective on the insurgent assembly
Since the rise of new historicism, performance scholars increasingly invoke a product‐producer or culture‐performance dialectic in which performance is viewed as simultaneously a product of the
White Space(s) and the Reproduction of White Supremacy
In the past two decades, social scientists have begun to explicitly interrogate the racialized economic, political, cultural, and ideological mechanisms of social space. This work interrogates the