author={A. Echeverr'i a-Enr'i quez and Miguel C. Mu{\~n}oz-Lecanda and Narciso Rom'an-Roy},
  journal={Reviews in Mathematical Physics},
Actions of Lie groups on presymplectic manifolds are analyzed, introducing the suitable comomentum and momentum maps. The subsequent theory of reduction of presymplectic dynamical systems with symmetry is studied. In this way, we give a method of reduction which enables us to remove gauge symmetries as well as non-gauge "rigid" symmetries at once. This method is compared with other step-by-step reduction procedures. As particular examples in this framework, we discuss the reduction of time… Expand
Reduction of polysymplectic manifolds
The aim of this paper is to generalize the classical Marsden- Weinstein reduction procedure for symplectic manifolds to polysymplectic manifolds in or der to obtain quotient manifolds which in- Expand
We prove the existence of a torus that is invariant with respect to the flow of a vector field that preserves the presymplectic form in an exact presymplectic manifold. The flow on this invariantExpand
Reduction of Hamilton-Dirac Equation in Presymplectic Dynamics
In a geometric formulation [3] of Dirac’s generalized Hamiltonian dynamics [6], Hamilton-Dirac equation is the name given to a kind of differential equation (in implicit form) on a presymplecticExpand
Routh reduction and the class of magnetic Lagrangian systems
In this paper, some new aspects related to Routh reduction of Lagrangian systems with symmetry are discussed. The main result of this paper is the introduction of a new concept of transformation thatExpand
Routh Reduction by Stages
This paper deals with the Lagrangian analogue of symplectic or point reduction by stages. We develop Routh reduction as a reduction technique that preserves the Lagrangian nature of the dynamics. ToExpand
Time-Dependent Lagrangians Invariant by a Vector Field
AbstractWe study the reduction of nonautonomous regular Lagrangian systems by symmetries, which are generated by vector fields associated with connections in the configuration bundle of the system QExpand
Implicit Lagrange-Routh equations and Dirac reduction
Abstract In this paper, we make a generalization of Routh’s reduction method for Lagrangian systems with symmetry to the case where not any regularity condition is imposed on the Lagrangian. First,Expand
Quantisation of presymplectic manifolds, K-theory and group representations
Let $G$ be a semisimple Lie group with finite component group, and let $K<G$ be a maximal compact subgroup. We obtain a quantisation commutes with reduction result for actions by $G$ on manifolds ofExpand
Geometric reduction in optimal control theory with symmetries
Abstract A general study of symmetries in optimal control theory is given, starting from the presymplectic description of this kind of systems. Then, Noether's theorem, as well as the correspondingExpand
Remarks on multisymplectic reduction
The problem of reduction of multisymplectic manifolds by the action of Lie groups is stated and discussed, as a previous step to give a fully covariant scheme of reduction for classical fieldExpand


Reduction of symplectic manifolds with symmetry
We give a unified framework for the construction of symplectic manifolds from systems with symmetries. Several physical and mathematical examples are given; for instance, we obtain Kostant’s resultExpand
Presymplectic manifolds and the Dirac-Bergmann theory of constraints
We present an algorithm which enables us to state necessary and sufficient conditions for the solvability of generalized Hamilton‐type equations of the form ι (X) ω=α on a presymplectic manifoldExpand
Canonical transformations theory for presymplectic systems
We develop a theory of canonical transformations for presymplectic systems, reducing this concept to that of canonical transformations for regular coisotropic canonical systems. In this way we canExpand
Cosymplectic reduction for singular momentum maps
In this paper we prove that the cosymplectic reduction of cosymplectic manifolds with symmetry due to C Albert (1989) may be obtained from the Marsden-Weinstein reduction theory. We also study theExpand
Lagrangian theory for presymplectic systems
We analyze the lagrangian formalism for singular lagrangian systems in a geometrical way. In particular, the problem of finding a submanifold of the velocity phase space and a tangent vector fieldExpand
Semidirect products and reduction in mechanics
This paper shows how to reduce a Hamiltonian system on the cotangent bundle of a Lie group to a Hamiltonian system in the dual of the Lie algebra of a semidirect product. The procedure simplifies,Expand
Le thorme de rduction de Marsden-Weinstein en gomtrie cosymplectique et de contact
Abstract We show that the classical Marsden-Weinstein Reduction theorem for Hamiltonian systems with symmetries is still true for contact manifolds and cosympletic manifolds (i.e. canonical manifoldsExpand
Lagrangian presymplectic constraint analysis of mechanical models of field theories coupled to external fields
The Lecanda-Roman-Roy geometric constraint algorithm for presymplectic Lagrangian systems is applied to a mechanical model of singular field theories coupled to time independent external fields. TheExpand
In the jet-bundle description of first-order classical field theories there are some elements, such as the Lagrangian energy and the construction of the Hamiltonian formalism, which require the priorExpand
A Universal Reduction Procedure for Hamiltonian Group Actions
We give a universal method of inducing a Poisson structure on a singular reduced space from the Poisson structure on the orbit space for the group action. For proper actions we show that this reducedExpand