RBC NOS: regulatory mechanisms and therapeutic aspects.

  title={RBC NOS: regulatory mechanisms and therapeutic aspects.},
  author={Burcin Oz{\"u}yaman and Marijke Grau and Malte Kelm and Marc W. Merx and Petra Kleinbongard},
  journal={Trends in molecular medicine},
  volume={14 7},
Nitric oxide (NO), one of the most important vascular signaling molecules, is primarily produced by endothelial NO synthase (eNOS). eNOS is tightly regulated by its substrate l-arginine, cofactors and diverse interacting proteins. Interestingly, an NO synthase (NOS) was described within red blood cells (RBC NOS), and it was recently shown to significantly contribute to the intravascular NO pool and to regulate physiologically relevant mechanisms. However, the regulatory mechanisms and clinical… CONTINUE READING

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