RAPOSA: Semi-Autonomous Robot for Rescue Operations

  title={RAPOSA: Semi-Autonomous Robot for Rescue Operations},
  author={Carlos F. Marques and Jo{\~a}o Crist{\'o}v{\~a}o and Pedro U. Lima and Jo{\~a}o Fraz{\~a}o and M. Isabel Ribeiro and Rodrigo M. M. Ventura},
  journal={2006 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems},
This work describes a semi-autonomous robot for rescue operations, nicknamed RAPOSA (FOX in English). The robot was designed and built to operate in outdoor environments hostile to the human presence, such as debris resulting from the collapse of built structures, and is targeted to the tele-operated detection of potential survivors using a set of specific sensors whose information is transmitted to a remote human operator. RAPOSA's mechanical structure is composed of a main body and a front… CONTINUE READING
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