RAN Revolution With NGFI (xhaul) for 5G

  title={RAN Revolution With NGFI (xhaul) for 5G},
  author={I Chih-lin and Han Zhi Li and Jouni Korhonen and Jinri Huang and Liuyan Han},
  journal={Journal of Lightwave Technology},
From “Rethinking Ring and Young” in 2011 to proposing next generation fronthaul interface (NGFI, aka xhaul) in 2014, the radio access network (RAN) revolutionary path to meet ambitious 5G demands has been charted out. Traditional fronthaul solutions fell short both in required bandwidth and architecture flexibility. NGFI proposed by China Mobile targeting a packet-based, traffic-dependent, and antenna scale-independent interface will be central to the 5G RAN revolution. This paper presents its… CONTINUE READING

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