RAHOWA! A History of the World Church of the Creator

  title={RAHOWA! A History of the World Church of the Creator},
  author={George Michael},
  journal={Terrorism and Political Violence},
  pages={561 - 583}
  • G. Michael
  • Published 1 December 2006
  • Political Science
  • Terrorism and Political Violence
This article surveys the history of the World Church of the Creator, a small and obscure organization, which has nevertheless had a significant influence on the international far right. The Creativity movement has had an impact on the far right in several ways, including spearheading an anti-Christian orientation among its younger activists, introducing vitriolic rhetoric that has contributed to violence and radicalism, fostering the development of a larger racial, as opposed to a national… 

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Confronting Right-Wing Extremism and Terrorism in the USA

  • T. Powers
  • Political Science
    Perspectives on Politics
  • 2004
Confronting Right-Wing Extremism and Terrorism in the USA. By George Michael. New York: Routledge, 2003. 256p. $104.95. “Right-wing extremist” is a label that covers a lot of territory (radical

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