RAD51 haploinsufficiency causes congenital mirror movements in humans.

  title={RAD51 haploinsufficiency causes congenital mirror movements in humans.},
  author={Christel Depienne and Delphine Bouteiller and Aur{\'e}lie M{\'e}neret and S{\'e}gol{\`e}ne Billot and Sergiu Groppa and Stephan Klebe and Fanny Charbonnier-Beaupel and Jean-Christophe Corvol and Jean-Paul Saraiva and Norbert Br{\"u}ggemann and Kailash P Bhatia and Massimo Cincotta and Vanessa F Brochard and Constance Flamand-Roze and Wassila Carpentier and Sabine Meunier and Yannick Marie and Marion Gaussen and Giovanni Stevanin and Rosine Wehrl{\'e} and Marie Vidailhet and Christine Klein and Isabelle Dusart and Alexis Brice and Emmanuel Roze},
  journal={American journal of human genetics},
  volume={90 2},
Congenital mirror movements (CMM) are characterized by involuntary movements of one side of the body that mirror intentional movements on the opposite side. CMM reflect dysfunctions and structural abnormalities of the motor network and are mainly inherited in an autosomal-dominant fashion. Recently, heterozygous mutations in DCC, the gene encoding the receptor for netrin 1 and involved in the guidance of developing axons toward the midline, have been identified but CMM are genetically… CONTINUE READING
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