R3TOS: A reliable reconfigurable real-time operating system

  title={R3TOS: A reliable reconfigurable real-time operating system},
  author={Xabier Iturbe and Khaled Benkrid and Ahmet T. Erdogan and Tughrul Arslan and Mikel Azkarate-askasua and Imanol Martinez and Antonio Perez},
  journal={2010 NASA/ESA Conference on Adaptive Hardware and Systems},
The foundations for building the first Reliable Reconfigurable Real-Time Operating System (R3TOS) are presented. The main objective of R3TOS is to create an infrastructure for coordinately executing specialized hardware tasks upon a reconfigurable FPGA device, achieving the necessary flexibility for both gaining system performance (true hardware multitasking) and tolerating the occurring faults in the underlying chip's silicon at runtime (true fault removal from system). R3TOS is aimed at… CONTINUE READING
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