R2 anti-reticulin antibody in a mixed hospital population.


R2 anti-reticulin antibody was detected in 15 of the 9,500 serum samples examined (0.16%) from a mixed hospital population. The antibody titre varied from 1:40 to 1:320, and the R2 was of the IgG class in 13 of the 15 positive samples. All the 15 serum samples with R2 were negative on human liver, confirming the lack of cross reaction of this antibody. The… (More)


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@article{Volta1983R2AA, title={R2 anti-reticulin antibody in a mixed hospital population.}, author={Umberto Volta and Massimo Colombo}, journal={La Ricerca in clinica e in laboratorio}, year={1983}, volume={13 4}, pages={473-8} }