R-plasmid transfer in a wastewater treatment plant.

  title={R-plasmid transfer in a wastewater treatment plant.},
  author={Pawel Mach and Darrell Jay Grimes},
  journal={Applied and environmental microbiology},
  volume={44 6},
Enteric bacteria have been examined for their ability to transfer antibiotic resistance in a wastewater treatment plant. Resistant Salmonella enteritidis, Proteus mirabilis, and Escherichia coli were isolated from clinical specimens and primary sewage effluent. Resistance to ampicillin, chloramphenicol, streptomycin, sulfadiazine, and tetracycline was demonstrated by spread plate and tube dilution techniques. Plasmid mediation of resistance was shown by ethidium bromide curing, agarose gel… CONTINUE READING
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