R.M.P.A. Handbook for Mental Nurses


The new edition of this book is quite different from previous editions. As stated in the Introductory Chapter "this book covers the subject of mental nursing as a speciality, more general knowledge that is not specifically related to mental nursing will have to be sought elsewhere." Chapter II gives the detailed Anatomy and Physiology of the Nervous System illustrated with clear diagrams. The Chapter on Psychology will be useful to nurses in all branches of nurse training as it gives the information required for the revised syllabus of training. Chapter IV gives the classification of Mental Illness. This is a difficult subject and has been dealt with adequately. Then follow chapters explaining the Neuroses?Mental Symptoms in Common Illness and the Organic and Affective Psychoses. Chapter XI is devoted to Mental Deficiency. Chapter XII on Mental Nursing advises the nurse to become acquainted with the history of her profession. Apart from the fact that no mention is made of the care of patients out of doors or advice given about escorting patients on journeys outside the Hospital this a good chapter. Later chapters of the book give detailed requirements for the Physical Treatments of Mental Illness. Useful chapters on Social Work, Occupational Therapy and the Law follow and the book is concluded with an excellent glossary. This new edition of the "Red Handbook" can be recommended

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