Rényi and von Neumann entropies of thermal state in Generalized Uncertainty Principle-corrected harmonic oscillator

  title={R{\'e}nyi and von Neumann entropies of thermal state in Generalized Uncertainty Principle-corrected harmonic oscillator},
  author={Mu-Seong Kim and Mi-Ra Hwang and Eylee Jung and Daekil Park},
  journal={Modern Physics Letters A},
The Rényi and von Neumann entropies of thermal state in generalized uncertainty principle (GUP)-corrected single harmonic oscillator system are explicitly computed within the first order of GUP parameter [Formula: see text]. While the von Neumann entropy with [Formula: see text] exhibits a monotonically increasing behavior in external temperature, the nonzero GUP parameter makes a decreasing behavior at large temperature region. As a result, for the case of [Formula: see text], the von Neumann… 
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