Réflexions sur le paganisme d’extrême droite

  title={R{\'e}flexions sur le paganisme d’extr{\^e}me droite},
  author={St{\'e}phane François},
  journal={Social Compass},
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The neo-paganism, in its ethnocentric variant, becomes one of the most important spiritualities of the radical far right. It offers for these activists the possibility to reconnect with an ethnic/cultural identity that the universalism of Christianity has been destroyed. It allows, also, from a more strategic perspective, to develop synergies between groups and individuals scattered throughout the world. These synergies are manifested by an intellectual reciprocation, made of borrowing and re… 
The cultural effects of neo-paganism’s ritual creativity
In the last fifty years, different spiritual movements—that do not correspond to the church model and that—have emerged, due to their fluid and dynamic character, have propitiated an advance of
efectos culturales de la creatividad ritual del neopaganismo
En los últimos cincuenta años han surgido diferentes movimientos espirituales que no corresponden al modelo de iglesia y que debido a su carácter fluido y dinámico han propiciado un avance de redes


Gods of the Blood: The Pagan Revival and White Separatism
cults in the ninth and early tenth centuries. With the political fragmentation of the first half of the eleventh century the cults of the native saints fall from view, but by the end of the century
Die völkische Bewegung im wilhelminischen Kaiserreich: Sprache — Rasse — Religion . By Uwe Puschner. Darmstadt: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft. 2001. Pp. 464. EUR 65.00. ISBN 3–534–15052–X.
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    Central European History
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To counter this theory, he cites works dealing with fascist claims to racial superiority, its denigration of Slavs and Africans, as well as its outright anti-Semitism. He concludes that Mussolini and
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Today's rapidly growing Euro-American racist subculture is markedly different than past trans-Atlantic interactions. While nationalistic ideologies such as Nazism and fascism were traditionally
Against Democracy and Equality: The European New Right
Against Democracy and Equality was the first book ever published in the English language on the European New Right, and it remains an indispensable introduction to a school of thought This book you
Le Néo-paganisme en Angleterre à l’époque contemporaine
Cette these examine l’essor recent du neo-paganisme en Angleterre, en tenant compte des particularites du contexte anglais, et en montrant la convergence d’influences historiques, culturelles et
Les paganismes de la Nouvelle Droite (1980-2004)
Ce travail, Les neo-paganismes de la Nouvelle Droite 1980-2005, a pour objet l'etude des relations entre le neo-paganisme et la Nouvelle Droite. En effet, meme s'il s'attache a mettre en lumiere les
Nouvelle spiritualité américaine : magie et néopaganisme aux Etats-Unis à l'aube du troisièmemillénaire : essai d'interprétation
Le neopaganisme US est evalue numeriquement et place dans le contexte general et local de la pensee postmoderne puis confronte au concept de religion et a l'approche de la science des religions. Les
Une Terre, un peuple. Paris: Éditions Terre et Peuple
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Les Néo-paganismes et la Nouvelle Droite (1980-2006). Pour une autre approche
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    Le mythe de l'Europe française au XVIIIe siècle
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