Qusta Ibn Luqa on the Use of the Celestial Globe

  title={Qusta Ibn Luqa on the Use of the Celestial Globe},
  author={William Hoyt Worrell},
  pages={285 - 293}
QUsTA IBN LUQA AL-BA'ALBAKKI, born ca. 205 A.H., 820 A.D., died 300 A.H., 912 A.D., was a native of Baalbek in Syria. In origin he was a Greek,' in religion a Christian,2 by profession and occupation a physician, philosopher, astronomer, mathematician, and musician. He journeyed to the Byzantine lands, and brought back to Baghdad many scientific works in Greek. Knowing well the Greek and Syriac languages, and of course Arabic, in which he was reputedly a master of style, he settled in Baghdad… 
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