Quotation and Framing: Re-contextualization and Intertextuality as Newness in George Crumb's Black Angels

  title={Quotation and Framing: Re-contextualization and Intertextuality as Newness in George Crumb's Black Angels},
  author={Nils Holger Petersen},
  journal={Contemporary Music Review},
  pages={309 - 321}
George Crumb's Black Angels: Thirteen Images from the Dark Land for Electric String Quartet (1970) are individually original, but also representative for compositional practices for the twentieth century. As in his other compositions, Crumb has integrated musical quotations and various musical styles, including a web of references that extend into other media in such a way that they form an indispensable part of the basic construction of the work: these components form part of its newness. In… 
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