Quick weight loss: sorting fad from fact

  title={Quick weight loss: sorting fad from fact},
  author={Daniel Clarkson Roberts},
  journal={Medical Journal of Australia},
  • D. C. Roberts
  • Published 1 December 2001
  • Education
  • Medical Journal of Australia
• This article reviews popular diets for their ability to produce effective weight loss. 
Comparison of Dietary Approaches to Treat Obesity Based on the Different Carbohydrate/Fat Content: Impact on Weight Loss and Lipid Profile
There are other factors that determine weight loss induced by dieting such as gender, age, initial body weight, race, genetics, regional fat deposition, etc, and more research is needed, particularly on studies about the impact of those diets with different fuel substrates on the characteristics of the weight loss and changes in blood lipid profile.
Different dietary strategies for weight loss in obesity: role of energy and macronutrient content
More research is needed about the impact of diets with different fuel substrates and foods on the characteristics of the weight-loss process, as well as the specific influence of the macronutrient distribution in energy-restricted diets on the management of excessive body weight.
What are Gastric Banding Patients Eating One Year Post-Surgery?
Patients' dietary intakes vary significantly 1 year post-laparoscopic adjustable band surgery, with many patients not meeting recommendations, and results suggest that patients decrease their total energy intake; however, eating habits may not improve as they consume a diet high in saturated fat.
Low carbohydrate diet. Its effects on selected body parameters of obese patients.
Low carbohydrate diet could help in reducing body weight without any significant harmful effect, according to this pilot study which involved 13 obese patients.
Evaluation of a tool for rating popular diet books
A questionnaire developed incorporating quantified criteria based on current authoritative nutrition guidelines provides a useful standardised method of ranking the nutritional adequacy of popular diets books and evaluating their approach to weight loss, suitable for use by nutrition professionals.
Components of an Anticancer Diet: Dietary Recommendations, Restrictions and Supplements of the Bill Henderson Protocol
Early background theory that contributed to the protocol’s development is presented as is a summary of relevant evidence concerning the anti-cancer fighting properties of the individual components.
Obesity: Prevalence, Theories, Medical Consequences, Management, and Research Directions
The purpose of this review is to examine the prevalence, etiology, consequences, and treatment of obesity.
A systematic review of information in decision aids
A systematic review of information reported as included in decision aids for adult patients to determine if it is complete, balanced and accurate is completed.


Is long-term weight loss possible?
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Any intervention which causes negative energy balance is guaranteed to be efficacious in producing weight loss, which will continue while there is negative energy balance or be maintained as long as
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640 3 : Fe atures of an appropriate we llht.loss diet • Considers the individual's current habits, preferences and risk factors
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The eNectiveroess 01 popular, non-pte-$Cfiption weighl loss supplernents
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