Quevedo e a multiplicidade de significados nos Sueños (séc. XVII) nas traduções para o português, francês e inglês

  title={Quevedo e a multiplicidade de significados nos Sue{\~n}os (s{\'e}c. XVII) nas traduç{\~o}es para o portugu{\^e}s, franc{\^e}s e ingl{\^e}s},
  author={Andr{\'e}a Cesco and Gilles Jean Abes},
One of the stylistic marks of Quevedo in his seventeenth - century satirical narrative is word game, it is ironic and humoristically provocative, based on the multiplicity of meanings of a word (polysemy), which provokes, in a more or less explicitly way, the laughter of the reader. Thus, in th is article, the resources applied to the polissemias are analyzed comparatively in three translations of Suenos , one for the Brazilian Portuguese, by Liliana Raquel Chwat (2006), one for the English…