Quest: A Project on Database Mining

  title={Quest: A Project on Database Mining},
  author={Rakesh Agrawal and Michael J. Carey and Christos Faloutsos and Sakti P. Ghosh and Maurice A. W. Houtsma and Tomasz Imielinski and Balakrishna R. Iyer and A. Mahboob and H. Miranda and Ramakrishnan Srikant and Arun N. Swami},
  booktitle={SIGMOD Conference},
Several organizations have collected massive amounts of data. These data sets are usually stored on tertiary storage and are very slowly migrating to database systems. One of the reasons for the limited success of database systems in this area is that current database systems do not provide the necessary functionality for a user interested in taking advantage of this information. Database mining refers to the efficient construction and verification of models of patterns embedded in large… CONTINUE READING

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