Query processing in a three-level ontology-based data integration system


In this paper, we present a three-level ontology-based framework for effectively designing GAV data integration systems. In our approach, the mediated schema is represented by a domain ontology, which provides a conceptual representation of the application. Each local source is described by an application ontology, whose vocabulary is restricted to be a subset of the vocabulary of domain ontology. The three-level architecture permits dividing the mapping definition in two stages: local mappings and mediated mappings. Due to this architecture the problem of query answering can also be broken into two steps. First, the query is decomposed, using the mediated mappings, into a set of elementary sub-queries expressed in terms of the application ontologies. Then, these sub-queries are rewritten, using the local mappings, in terms of their local sources schemas. This paper focus on a method for query processing that addresses the problem of efficient query answering. Our approach is illustrated by an example of a virtual store mediating access to online booksellers.

DOI: 10.1145/1967486.1967532

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