Query-driven approach of contextual ontology module learning using web snippets


The main objective of this work is to automatically build ontology modules that cover search terms of users in ontology-based question answering on the Web. Indeed, some arising approaches of ontology module extraction aim at solving the problem of identifying ontology fragment candidates that are relevant for the application. The main problem is that these approaches consider only the input of predefined ontologies, instead of the underlying semantics represented in texts. This work proposes an approach of contextual ontology module learning covering particular search terms by analyzing past user queries and by searching for web snippets provided by the traditional search engines. The obtained contextual modules will be used for query reformulation. The proposal has been evaluated on the ground of two criteria: the semantic cotopy measure of discovered ontology modules and the precision measure of the search results obtained by using the resulted ontology modules for query reformulation. The experiments have been carried out according to two case studies: an open domain web search and the medical digital library “PubMed”.

DOI: 10.1007/s10844-013-0263-6

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