Query Rewriting for DL-Lite with n-ary Concrete Domains (Extended Version)


We investigate ontology-based query answering (OBQA) in a setting where both the ontology and the query can refer to concrete values such as numbers and strings. In contrast to previous work on this topic, the built-in predicates used to compare values are not restricted to being unary. We introduce restrictions on these predicates and on the ontology language that allow us to reduce OBQA to query answering in databases using the so-called combined rewriting approach. Though at first sight our restrictions are different from the ones used in previous work, we show that our results strictly subsume some of the existing first-order rewritability results for unary predicates.

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@inproceedings{Baader2017QueryRF, title={Query Rewriting for DL-Lite with n-ary Concrete Domains (Extended Version)}, author={Franz Baader and Stefan Borgwardt and Marcel Lippmann}, year={2017} }