Query Optimization using Modified Ant Colony Algorithm

  title={Query Optimization using Modified Ant Colony Algorithm},
  author={Ajay Wagh and Varsha Nemade},
  journal={International Journal of Computer Applications},
  • Ajay Wagh, V. Nemade
  • Published 15 June 2017
  • Computer Science
  • International Journal of Computer Applications
Query optimization is challenging task in database. Many different types of techniques used to optimize query. Heuristic Greedy, Iterative Improvement and Ant Colony algorithms is being used to query optimization. Ant colony Algorithm used to find optimal solution for different type of problems. In this paper we modify Ant Colony Algorithm for query optimization and will show the comparison execution time between Heuristic based optimization, Ant Colony Optimization and Modified Ant Colony… Expand
Optimal Ant and Join Cardinality for Distributed Query Optimization Using Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm
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Multi-join Query Optimization Using Modified ACO with GA
The hybridization of the authors' modified ACO with GA is proposed to overcome the above limitations for multi-join query optimization and experimentally shown the proposed method on randomly created dataset gives better results over GA and ACO in terms of distance and execution times. Expand
Evolutionary Algorithms for Query Op-timization in Distributed Database Sys-tems: A review
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Join Query Optimization Using Genetic Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for Distributed Databases
  • P. Tiwari, Swati V. Chande
  • Computer Science
  • Emerging Technologies in Computer Engineering: Microservices in Big Data Analytics
  • 2019
This research paper focuses on the implementation of a hybrid strategy of Evolutionary Algorithms for the optimization of join queries in DDBMS using GACO-D (Genetic Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for Distributed Database) and compares its performance with existing strategies. Expand
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It is ascertained that momentous volume of query optimization work has been effectuated using genetic algorithm followed by swarm particle optimization, and that the hybrid approach was and remains effective to unravel the query optimization problem. Expand
Clinical decision support system query optimizer using hybrid Firefly and controlled Genetic Algorithm
The amalgamated use of the proposed CDSS query optimizer framework will yield substantial variation in two consecutive generations which will efficaciously resolve the slow convergence problem of the controlled Genetic Algorithm. Expand
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This work demonstrates that the standard benchmarks are not suitable for generalised conclusions in the context of Ant Colony Optimization (ACO), and shows that in order to generalise the findings, the algorithms have to be tested on both standard benchmarks and real-world applications. Expand
Use of Nature-inspired Computing Techniques in Real World Applications (2010-2019) A Brief Review
The queries are becoming more complex and data intensive and the structure of distributed database and the obligation of an enterprise are the major reasons for the design of large and complex distributed queries. Expand


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In GACO algorithm, some novel optimizations, such as hybrid pheromone matrix update, dynamic nearest neighbor path construction, and multiple ant colony distribution are utilized, which result in a higher speedup and a better quality solutions compared to other peer of algorithms. Expand
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A universal optimization strategy for ant colony optimization algorithms based on the Physarum-inspired mathematical model.
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Ant colony system: a cooperative learning approach to the traveling salesman problem
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Experimental results show that HAS-QAP and the hybrid genetic algorithm perform best on real world, irregular and structured problems due to their ability to find the structure of good solutions, while HAS–QAP performance is less competitive on random, regular and unstructured problems. Expand