Query Directed Web Page Clustering

  title={Query Directed Web Page Clustering},
  author={Daniel Crabtree and Peter Andreae and Xiaoying Gao},
  journal={2006 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence (WI 2006 Main Conference Proceedings)(WI'06)},
Web page clustering methods categorize and organize search results into semantically meaningful clusters that assist users with search refinement; but finding clusters that are semantically meaningful to users is difficult. In this paper, we describe a new Web page clustering algorithm, QDC, which uses the user's query as part of a reliable measure of cluster quality. The new algorithm has five key innovations: a new query directed cluster quality guide that uses the relationship between… CONTINUE READING
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Extracted Numerical Results

  • The unreliability of precision and recall can be seen in the experiments where the recall measure gives a higher ranking (almost 60%) to the random clustering than to one of the clearly better algorithms.