Quercetin and tamoxifen sensitize human melanoma cells to hyperthermia.

  title={Quercetin and tamoxifen sensitize human melanoma cells to hyperthermia.},
  author={Mauro Piantelli and Dante Tatone and Graziella Castrilli and Fabio Savini and Nicola Maggiano and Luigi Maria Larocca and Franco Oreste Ranelletti and Pier Giorgio Natali},
  journal={Melanoma research},
  volume={11 5},
Hyperthermia produces regression of human cancer. Because hyperthermia has produced only limited results, attention has focused on searching for substances able to sensitize tumour cells to the effects of hyperthermia. The flavonoid quercetin has been reported to be a hyperthermic sensitizer in ovarian and uterine cervical tumours and in leukaemia. Quercetin and tamoxifen inhibit melanoma cell growth. We therefore investigated whether quercetin and tamoxifen can sensitize M10, M14 and MNT1… CONTINUE READING


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