Quenching of chlorophyll fluorescence by quinones.

  title={Quenching of chlorophyll fluorescence by quinones.},
  author={Vitaly D. Samuilov and Borisov AYu and Eugene L. Barsky and Olga F. Borisova and A. V. Kitashov},
  journal={Biochemistry and molecular biology international},
  volume={46 2},
Quinones caused quenching of Chl a fluorescence in native and model systems. Menadione quenched twofold the fluorescence of Chl a and BChl a in pea chloroplasts, chromatophores of purple bacteria, and liposomes at concentrations of 50-80 microM. To obtain twofold quenching in Triton X-100 micelles and in ethanol, the addition of 1.3 mM and 11 mM menadione was required, respectively. A proportional decrease in the lifetime and yield of Chl a fluorescence in chloroplasts, observed as the… CONTINUE READING